Making food a healthy habit

Welcome to A Balanced Bite!  Our mission is to help you recognize, acheive and maintain your personal health goals.  Hand and hand we will succeed.

You can break the cycle!

The word diet may often be intimidating and overwhelming. For some, dieting may be exciting and thrilling, but when the initial hype wears thin, feelings of disappointment or boredom can take over. A life filled with false starts, disappointing results, and emotional turmoil is no life at all. The choice to break the cycle of yo-yo dieting and destructive behavior is yours. When you make that choice, you will soon feel empowered and reenergized with your accomplishments. Say hello to your new life today!

Healthy Kids are Confident Kids - “A Balanced Bite” partners with Bully Buster USA.

Bully Buster USA, an organization founded to spread solutions to Bullying issues, has partnered with a local health expert, Cynthia Mckee of A Balanced Bite, to help parents learn how to help their kids become bully proof through learning healthy eating habits. Ryan Foland, founder of Bully Buster USA, believes that good nutrition is the bedrock to being “bully proof” because healthy eating stabilizes children’s energy, sharpens their minds, evens out their moods, and makes them less targets to bullies.

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